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What Is Roof Restoration And How Long Does It Take?

What Is Roof Restoration And How Long Does It Take?

Roofs tend to be one of those "out of sight, out of mind" things that people really should take a look at once in a while. A roof can be very expensive to replace, especially if there are several layers that have to be torn off in the process. If you're looking at your roof now and you're thinking it's looking a little tired, maybe you could use a roof restoration now and save yourself a complete tear-off and replacement in a couple of years.  Here is what you need to know.

The Term Roof Restoration Isn't New

Companies like Trend Painting & Roof Restoration, have been doing restorations for decades now, focusing on certain types of roofs. Those made from wooden shingles, clay roofing tiles, concrete tiles, and metal roofs respond well to the procedure. Lately, even composition roofs have been getting restored as well and the results can be excellent.

The basics of what it entails is a thorough cleaning, usually with high-pressure water, to get all of the dirt, grime, mold, mildew, lichens, and moss off of the roof. Then, the roof is carefully inspected and any repairs that need to be done to ridges, flashings and valleys is done.

After the roof has dried completely, then a high-quality specially made coating is applied to seal the roof from water penetration. These new high-tech coatings are UV resistant and will block the sun's rays from deteriorating your shingles or tiles. It will also hold down the edges of the shingles or tile ridge caps in the event of strong winds, further protecting your roof from damage.

The Elimination Of The Moss And Lichen Is Important

Just the complete elimination of the moss and lichen on a roof will extend it's lifetime. These plant/fungi parasites live off of the rotten leaves and inner binders of the shingles or tiles to shorten their lifetimes. Even concrete tiles, which can last nearly forever, can be ruined by moss penetration.

The modern coatings will make the return of any growths far less likely since the tiles won't retain water and the pores will have been blocked by the coating. This can extent the life of a roof for many years, especially if the roof is retreated periodically with another coat.

Having your roof restored will take a couple of days depending on the type of roofing material and what needs to be done. A professional crew will usually do each part of the job on a different day and then everything will need to be very dry for the final day of applying the roof coating. Either way, you could possibly extend the life your roof indefinitely if given the proper care before it's too late.

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